Welcome to Vallarta Garden Club!

The Garden Club is devoted to enhancing the beauty, appeal and value of Puerto Vallarta through vibrant public landscaping. We also offer educational presentations on topics of interest to our many members, as well as host wonderful social events each year for like-minded residents and visitors to Vallarta.

Our Work & Projects

Our volunteer and professional gardeners plant, water and maintain hundreds of planter boxes along Old Town streets and major new landscape installations in the Plaza (in front of Our Lady of Guadalupe church) and the street leading to Los Muertos Pier. Since 2011, we’ve planted tens of thousands of beautiful bougainvillea, palms, trees and plants. Each week we water, prune and clean our plantings and planter boxes so that everyone can enjoy nature’s beauty year-round.

If you love gardening and would like to help, we’re always in need of volunteers. Please complete the “Contact Us” form here in the web site, and we will add your name to our volunteer list. As we need volunteers, you’ll receive emails with detailed instructions on where and when to meet.

Join Us!

Large-scale public landscaping and maintenance are expensive. Though the City of Vallarta is a gracious planning partner, our work is made possible solely through private donations.

With annual membership fees, donations and volunteers, it’s possible to create these beautiful garden spaces that help improve and retain our city’s charm.

Anyone can join:

  • Seasonal and Permanent Residents
  • Vacationers
  • Rental Owners
  • Builders/Realtors
  • Retail Establishments
  • Restaurants and Entertainment Venues

We offer a number of donation levels and all gifts are welcome.