What We Do

Maintain the Charm of Old Vallarta

In 2011, a small group of civic-minded residents lead by Bob Price, founder of the Vallarta Botanical Gardens, recognized that modernization in historic areas would create a concrete jungle unless landscaped green space was developed and maintained. Thus, the Garden Club was born. As the city began to install new sidewalks in Old Town and Centro, space was reserved for future planter boxes and plantings. Today, after an ongoing effort entailing tens of thousands of plants, donations of several million pesos and countless volunteer hours, the major streets of Old Town are in bloom and the little city that grew up still retains its pueblo charm.

Garden with Organized Passion

Each week, a group of volunteers inspects our many planter boxes to identify plants needing additional care and to look for opportunities to infuse these planters with new flowers and shrubs. Among the Garden Club members are many passionate gardeners, landscape architects and professionals that donate their time and expertise with our on-going projects.

Our work is year-round. Since it only rains a few months each year in Vallarta, we spend a significant amount of time hand watering all of our plantings. This effort is critical. We also fertilize our plants, prune them as needed, tie up bougainvilleas to survive the summer’s strong winds and keep them trimmed so as to stay out of the electrical lines. With over 500 planter boxes, repairs and annual repainting are mandatory.

If you see us out working, please say hello! And if you would like to volunteer, simply complete the “Contact Us” form here in the web site, and we will add your name to our volunteer list. As we need volunteers, you’ll receive emails with detailed instructions on where and when to meet.

Cultivate Friendships and Learn Together

People who love gardens, gardening and giving-back, make great friends. The Garden Club is one of the largest and most active member-based organizations in Vallarta. We sponsor lots of social gatherings, dinners and learning excursions. Our annual gala each January is one of the most festive events of the year.

Please check our Calendar and join us for an upcoming event. And, follow us on Facebook as we post detailed event information, photos of our projects, socials and more.


Join Us!

The Garden Club is a registered, non-profit, public-benefit Mexican Corporation that is administered by a volunteer Board of Directors and Officers who are elected by the membership. All of our work is funded by private donations that come through annual membership fees, donations and the money we raise from our annual gala each January.

Join us today! All gifts are welcome and very much appreciated.